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SOLIDWORKS – Working with Curves and Splines

by Shivani Patel

Learn how to use all aspects of curves and splines while modeling a CFL bulb and an electric burner.

What you'll learn

Using SOLIDWORKS, we will model a CFL bulb from scratch while getting introduced to many aspects of splines and curves. By the end of the course, we will know how to build complex curving shapes. Other modules will discuss dealing with imported curvature data, and building curves at the assembly level.

About the author

Shivani Patel is an is an Application Engineer at GoEngineer, a unique business partner for engineering, manufacturing, and product design companies looking to innovate and stay competitive. An aerospace Engineer by trade, she has six years of CAD experience. At GoEngineer, she is an elite-level SOLIDWORKS and Simulation instructor, technical support engineer, and on-site application engineer for Texas’ SOLIDWORKS users. She is a certified expert in SOLIDWORKS, and its FEA, CFD, and Injection Mo... more

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