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Solving Real World Problems with SQL Server 2016 Query Store

by Gail Shaw

Poor database performance is a widespread problem. This course will show you how SQL Server 2016's Query Store makes solving many query performance problems much easier than before.

What you'll learn

Poor database performance is a widespread problem, and as data volumes increase it's only going to get worse. Up until now, identifying the poorly performing queries was challenging and difficult. SQL Server 2016 introduced the Query Store, which automatically tracks query performance. In this course, Solving Real World Problems with SQL Server 2016 Query Store, you'll learn how to solve difficult query performance problems in an easier, more efficient way. This course will show how to identify query performance regressions using the Query Store, how to identify queries using the most resources, and how to track the overall resource consumption at the database level. It'll also show some advanced uses of Query Store, such as upgrade tests and load tests. By the end this course, you’ll be able to use Query Store to identify and resolve what were previously very difficult performance problems.

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About the author

Gail is a Database Specialist focusing on database performance tuning and database recovery, with a particular interest in topics such as indexing strategies, execution plans, and writing T-SQL code that performs well and scales gracefully. Gail holds a Microsoft Certified Master certification for SQL Server 2008 and is a Data Platform MVP. She is a frequent poster on the SQL Server Central forums, writes articles for both and, and has spoken at SQL Saturday... more

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