Business Readable Automated Tests with SpecFlow 2.0

Learn how to write automated tests that businesses can understand, ensure the right features are being built, and create living documentation with SpecFlow. You'll cover feature-writing, automation code, data conversion, and more.

What you'll learn

There's nothing more frustrating to a developer than building an application only to find out that although the system has no major technical bugs, it's not actually what the customer or business wanted. In this course, Business Readable Automated Tests with SpecFlow 2.0, you'll learn how you can use SpecFlow to allow developers and test automation specialists to produce tests in natural language instead of code. First, you'll learn how to write features and scenarios, then move into Visual Studio. You'll also learn about step definitions, automation code, and data conversion. Finally, you'll discover how to take control of test execution and run any additional code you might need. When this course is finished, you'll be able to create automated tests in SpecFlow that are understandable to any businesses you work with in the future.

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