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Specialized Attacks: Hardware Product Testing

by Matthew Lloyd Davies

This course will teach you to access firmware, analyze it and then reverse engineer it to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the device.

What you'll learn

Are you a pentester who wants to move on from network, application, and cloud testing? Are you an aspiring product tester who wants to advise clients on how to better protect a new device before it goes to market? Then this course is for you. In this course, Specialized Attacks: Hardware Product Testing, you’ll learn to obtain firmware and reverse engineer it to highlight weaknesses and vulnerabilities. First, you’ll explore the different ways to access a device’s firmware, ranging from searching the internet to extracting it directly from the device’s memory. Next, you’ll discover how to analyze a binary file to understand its structure and content. Finally, you’ll learn how to reverse engineer the firmware to identify sensitive information and software vulnerabilities. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to obtain, analyze, and reverse engineer firmware to identify hardware weaknesses and vulnerabilities in order to better protect them.

About the author

Matt is a cyber security author and researcher here at Pluralsight. A certified penetration tester and incident handler, he created Pluralsight's CompTIA Pentest+ Specialized Attacks courses as well our courses on wireless, ICS/OT and hardware hacking. Matt has also helped to build our security labs portfolio; labs that help you get hands-on to understand the threats and vulnerabilities your organization faces today. With a background in Chemical Engineering, Matt's focus is on the security ... more

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