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Specialized Attacks: OT and ICS

by Matthew Lloyd Davies

This course will teach you how to perform reconnaissance, analyze network protocols, and conduct attacks against Operational Technology. This will show how weak cyber security in OT environments can significantly disrupt manufacturing operations.

What you'll learn

Attacks against Industrial Control Systems (ICS) can cause manufacturing downtime, disrupt electricity generation or water supplies, and stop public services such as transport and telecommunication systems. In this course, Specialized Attacks: OT and ICS, you’ll learn to identify vulnerable systems, exploit inherent weaknesses, and perform actions that could disrupt operational technologies. First, you’ll explore how to identify internet facing operational technology, including control systems. Next, you’ll discover how to analyze the communications between industrial control systems. Finally, you’ll learn how to interact with those systems to perform unintended operations and disrupt operations. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll understand how to assess ICS environments, identify weaknesses and describe the potential consequences of an attack. This will enable you to make the case for continued investment in cyber security and reduce the likelihood of operational downtime.

About the author

Matt is a cyber security author and researcher here at Pluralsight. A certified penetration tester and incident handler, he created Pluralsight's CompTIA Pentest+ Specialized Attacks courses as well our courses on wireless, ICS/OT and hardware hacking. Matt has also helped to build our security labs portfolio; labs that help you get hands-on to understand the threats and vulnerabilities your organization faces today. With a background in Chemical Engineering, Matt's focus is on the security ... more

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