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Specialized Attacks: Wireless

by Matthew Lloyd Davies

This course will teach you to identify the vectors and techniques used by threat actors to gain access to networks and systems via wireless technologies.

What you'll learn

Wireless systems are ubiquitous in society and so they are a prime target for exploitation by cyber criminals and hostile states. Threat actors target wireless networks to gain an initial foothold in a network, to steal information, or conduct ransomware attacks. In this course, Specialized Attacks: Wireless, you’ll learn to exploit weaknesses in wireless protocols, infrastructure, and client devices that are targeted by real-world threat actors. First, you’ll review various radio protocols to understand where they fit into the data-rate versus range spectrum, and how their implementation makes them susceptible to hacking. Next, you’ll look at specific techniques to target wireless protocols, infrastructure, and client devices to gain access to networks and assets, steal information, and deny access to systems. Finally, you’ll combine some of these techniques to create advanced attacks that are used by real-world threat actors to gain access to systems and networks. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to identify weaknesses in wireless assets and systems, and make recommendations to improve the security posture of an organization’s wireless network infrastructure.

About the author

Matt is a cyber security author and researcher here at Pluralsight. A certified penetration tester and incident handler, he created Pluralsight's CompTIA Pentest+ Specialized Attacks courses as well our courses on wireless, ICS/OT and hardware hacking. Matt has also helped to build our security labs portfolio; labs that help you get hands-on to understand the threats and vulnerabilities your organization faces today. With a background in Chemical Engineering, Matt's focus is on the security ... more

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