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Specialized Hunts: Threat Hunting within Mail Servers

by Laurentiu Raducu

This course will teach you how you can perform threat hunting analysis on email servers.

What you'll learn

Email Servers are crucial for the data flows within an organization. Finding security vulnerabilities before the attackers do is essential for protecting the sensitive data transmitted over emails. In this course, Specialized Hunts: Threat Hunting within Mail Servers, you will learn techniques and methods for improving your skill set in threat hunting. Throughout the course, you will get to know how to leverage different tools in performing threat hunting analysis on Email servers. First, you will learn how to find vulnerabilities related to email account enumeration. Next, you will explore how to identify if an email server is exposed to denial of service attacks. Finally, you will discover how you can leverage ElasticSearch to diagnose malicious activity in the messages reaching an email server. By the end of this course, you will improve your skill set in threat hunting, as well as your ability to find indications of compromise in email servers.

About the author

It all began in highschool, when Laurentiu first started his path in the computer science journey. Initially he started with C++, and fell in love quickly with the prospect of learning to develop software. Thanks to his passion for chess, his first computer program was a console-based ASCII chess game developed in C++. After a while, during university, Laurentiu started to experiment with other OOP programming languages, like Java, Kotlin or Python. He started to play with different tech stacks ... more

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