Introduction to the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Certification

by Karun Subramanian

Gain the necessary knowledge required to pass the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam by learning the exam blueprint, topic areas, sample questions, and preparation-tips.

What you'll learn

Earning the Splunk Enterprise Certified Administrator certificate not only proves your credibility, but enhances your ability to perform better at your job. In this short course, Introduction to the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Certification, you will learn all about how to ace this exam. First, you'll explore the exam and what it really tests, which is a mix of Splunk Enterprise Systems Administration and Splunk Enterprise Data Administration skills. Next, you'll review the exam blueprint both at a high level and at a very detailed level. Finally, you'll learn the relative weight each topic area carries. For example, you can expect 10% of questions from Distributed Search. By the end of this course, you'll have a thorough knowledge of what the exam tests and how to prepare for it. Good luck!

About the author

Passionate about IT Ops, Karun has 20+ years of hands on experience with Linux, Cloud tech, Monitoring and Log aggregation. He enjoys creating learning materials that are engaging and provide immediate practical value.

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