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May 15, 2018
1h 15m

At the core of enterprise Java development is a thorough knowledge of Spring. In Spring: The Big Picture, you'll get a broad, high-level, overview of all aspects of Spring. First, you'll learn what Spring is. Next, you'll explore Spring Boot, the Spring Framework, and other Spring-related projects. Finally, you'll discover whether Spring is a good fit you, your organization, or your next project. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a foundational knowledge of Spring that will help you as you move forward with enterprise Java development.

About the author
About the author

Dustin Schultz is a Lead Software Engineer and a technology evangelist at heart. He holds a Bachelors and a Masters in Computer Science, and is a full stack developer with the majority of his experience in Java, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Maven, AngularJS, and "The Cloud".

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Course Overview
Hi everyone. My name's Dustin Schultz, and welcome to the course, Spring: The Big Picture. I've been writing and developing applications with Spring for more than 10 years. It's a great and fun technology to work with. This course is a short introduction to Spring and provides a high-level, ten-thousand-foot view of all things that are Spring. Some of the major topics we'll cover in this course are, what is Spring, what is the Spring Framework, what is Spring Boot, and why would I want to use Spring? By the end of this course, you'll have a broad understanding of Spring, what it provides, and what it's used for. I hope you'll join me on this journey at Pluralsight to learn Spring with the course, Spring: The Big Picture.

Getting to Know Spring with Spring Boot
Hi. My name's Dustin Schultz, and in this module of Spring: The Big Picture course, we'll learn about one of the key projects in the Spring family called Spring Boot. We already had a very brief introduction to Spring Boot in the previous module, so we'll use this module to take a slightly deeper look at Spring Boot. Again, remember that we're keeping things high level, so we don't want to be digging too deep here. We certainly won't be learning how to use Spring Boot or doing any sort of in-depth demos. Instead, we'll be focused on what Spring Boot is, and what it's about, and what it provides. We want to use Spring Boot as our first introduction to Spring and sort of get a flavor for what it's like. Learning any new technology can be both confusing and frustrating. It's really, really hard to know where to start, and you can quickly become overwhelmed. Thankfully, Spring Boot makes learning Spring both quick and easy. Developers can jump right in and get started without having to fully understand everything that's behind the scenes. Then as they get more advanced and knowledgeable, they can circle their way back and learn more about the details. I want to be absolutely clear though, easy does not mean lack of features. It's somewhat common for frameworks to boast about how great and easy their technology is, only to be disappointed when it's used in real-world scenarios and falls flat on its face. Spring Boot on the other hand is fully-featured and is heavily utilized in production by many companies today.

Exploring Other Spring Projects
Hi. My name is Dustin Schultz, and in this module of Spring: The Big Picture course, we'll be taking a tour of several of the other Spring projects that exist, understanding what they do and how they make development easier. If you open up a browser and visit spring. io/projects, you'll be brought to a page that contains all the projects that exist within the Spring family. You can scroll through the projects and see what's available and click into any of the projects for more details. There's over 20 different projects at the time of this recording, and as nice as it would be to be able to explore all of these projects, we'll only be focusing our tour on a subset of the most popular and widely used projects. The projects we'll be exploring in this module are Spring Data, Spring Cloud, and Spring Security.

Is Spring a Good Fit?
Hi. My name's Dustin Schultz, and in this module of Spring: The Big Picture course, we'll be focusing on one very important question. Is Spring a good fit for my project, my team, my company, etc. ? And in order to answer that question, we'll go over a number of advantages and disadvantages to using Spring. And also, let me be absolutely clear, I'm likely biased in my opinions on Spring, whether I want to be or not, but I'm going to try my hardest to be as unbiased as possible.