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Spring Cloud Fundamentals

by Dustin Schultz

Spring Cloud helps you take full advantage of developing microservices in the cloud. Learn how to develop cloud-native apps that utilize service discovery, distributed config, client-side load balancing, intelligent routing, and fault tolerance.

What you'll learn

Spring Cloud helps you build or migrate existing applications to run natively-in-the-cloud, or "cloud native" as it's commonly called. So what exactly is cloud native? Cloud native is not just about running your existing applications in the cloud. It's a paradigm shift; a transformation from developing large, centralized applications to building nimble and highly distributed applications composed of microservices. In this course, Spring Cloud Fundamentals, you'll learn about how Spring Cloud builds upon Netflix OSS and helps by providing common patterns and solutions like service discovery (Netflix Eureka), distributed configuration (Spring Cloud Config Server), intelligent routing (Netflix Zuul), circuit-breaking (Netflix Hystrix), and client-side load balancing (Netflix Ribbon), to name a few. When you're finished with this course, you'll have had hands-on practical experience in building a truly cloud native application using Spring Cloud. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be able to apply the same principles and techniques to create cloud native applications from scratch or migrate existing ones to take full advantage of the cloud.

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About the author

Dustin Schultz is a Lead Software Engineer and a technology evangelist at heart. He loves all things tech, and you can often find him geeking out about the latest technology. Dustin loves to learn and has always wanted to know how everything works, so much that when he was little, his mom bought him a book on, "how things work" because she got tired of all his questions. He holds a Bachelors and a Masters in Computer Science, and is a full stack developer with the majority of his experience in J... more

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