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Spring 5 Data REST: Getting Started

by Dan Bunker

This course will introduce you to the Spring Data REST framework. You will learn how to expose your existing Spring Data JPA layer as properly formed REST services.

What you'll learn

Building out custom well formed REST services can be time consuming and complex. In this course, Spring Data REST: Getting Started, you’ll learn to create REST services off of your Spring Data JPA layer with minimal effort. First, you’ll explore exactly what this framework provides out of the box and how to get it up and running with a real world based project. Next, you’ll discover how the repositories that you already have in your Spring Data JPA project can be enhanced to automatically provide REST resource based services. Finally, you’ll learn how to customize and utilize this framework to meet your specific application needs. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of proper REST services with Spring Data which will help you jumpstart a RESTful API for your Spring application.

About the author

Dan Bunker is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Monolith Brands Group, an eCommerce company based in Brooklyn, New York. Dan has used a variety of technologies throughout his career. He currently has expertise with Java, Ruby, Python and JavaScript languages and related technologies. In addition to a passion for software development (SaaS), Dan enjoys mentoring, training and advising engineers and developers in their careers.

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