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Spring Framework 5: The Big Picture

by Jesper de Jong

The Spring Framework is a very widely used Java application framework. This course will provide you with a high-level overview of the Spring Framework and other Spring projects.

What you'll learn

If you are involved in a Java software development project, you need to know what frameworks and libraries are available that help you to do your work effectively. In this course, Spring Framework 5: The Big Picture, you'll learn what the Spring Framework is all about. First, you'll explore the main features of the core Spring Framework. Next, you'll discover some of the other projects in the Spring ecosystem. Finally, you'll learn how Spring compares to alternative and complementary technologies such as Jakarta EE. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a high-level overview of Spring that will help you to decide if Spring will be useful to you and your projects.

About the author

Jesper is an experienced independent software developer. He designs and builds efficient, high-quality software in Java and other JVM languages. He loves the creativity of inventing and building software systems and he loves to teach and share his knowledge with other developers to help them write clean, efficient, well-designed and maintainable code.

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