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Spring Framework: Spring Boot 2 Actuator

by Dustin Schultz

You’ve just finished developing a Spring Boot app. Next step: production! But is it production-worthy? With Spring Boot Actuator, it is! This course covers how to easily manage your Spring Boot apps running in production using Spring Boot Actuator.

What you'll learn

Spring Boot helps you build applications. Spring Boot Actuator helps you run them in production. In this course, Spring Framework: Spring Boot 2 Actuator, you will learn how Spring Boot Actuator makes it easy to monitor, manage, and introspect your application in a production environment. First, you will learn what Spring Boot Actuator is, what an Actuator Endpoint is, and how you can utilize it in your own projects. Then, you will discover what built-in production-ready features Spring Boot Actuator automatically adds to your application, with no effort on your part, to make it production worthy. Finally, you will explore how to customize existing Actuator Endpoints as well as develop your very own custom Actuator Endpoints. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to use Spring Boot Actuator to run, monitor, and manage your Spring Boot applications in production. Software required: IntelliJ CE.

About the author

Dustin Schultz is a Lead Software Engineer and a technology evangelist at heart. He loves all things tech, and you can often find him geeking out about the latest technology. Dustin loves to learn and has always wanted to know how everything works, so much that when he was little, his mom bought him a book on, "how things work" because she got tired of all his questions. He holds a Bachelors and a Masters in Computer Science, and is a full stack developer with the majority of his experience in J... more

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