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Spring 5 Integration: Getting Started

by Jesper de Jong

This course introduces you to Spring Integration and Enterprise Integration Patterns. Spring Integration makes it easy to integrate many different types of systems using asynchronous messaging in your Spring Framework-based project.

What you'll learn

Almost all software lives in an ecosystem, where it needs to communicate with other systems via a multitude of protocols and mechanisms such as web services, databases, FTP, email, and message queues. Spring Integration is an extension of the Spring Framework that helps you build integration solutions quickly and easily, based on the patterns described in the book "Enterprise Integration Patterns". In this course, Spring 5 Integration: Getting Started, you will learn about Enterprise Integration Patterns and how you can implement them in your own applications using Spring Integration. You will learn how you can connect different types of systems using asynchronous messaging, and how you can use transformers, filters and routers to work with messages. At the end of this course, you will be able to use Spring Integration to design and build efficient, high-quality Spring Framework-based integration solutions quickly, leveraging the wisdom of Enterprise Integration Patterns.

About the author

Jesper is an experienced independent software developer. He designs and builds efficient, high-quality software in Java and other JVM languages. He loves the creativity of inventing and building software systems and he loves to teach and share his knowledge with other developers to help them write clean, efficient, well-designed and maintainable code.

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