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Practical SQL Server Security, Compliance, and Auditing

by Russ Thomas

This course is a practical approach to leveraging SQL Server to meet the needs of your industry compliance, audit, security, and encryption standards.

What you'll learn

Nearly every professional industry must adhere to some form of professional standard, regulation, or legislative requirement. While requirements vary, many of the approaches and methods you as the technical administrator will employ can be standardized across many tools available within SQL Server. In this course, Practical SQL Server Security, Compliance, and Auditing, you'll learn the most relevant features including new ones such as Always Encrypted released with SQL 2016. First, you'll discover how to use auditing features that are found within SQL Server. Next, you'll explore how to establish good sound encryption including capabilities that are new to SQL Server such as the 2016 release. Finally, you'll learn how SQL Server manages the different principles in groups and logical organizations of objects within a database instance. By the end of this course, you'll learn valuable security and auditing information in SQL Server.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Currently an IT leader in Denver Colorado's FinTech sector Russ has focused on database engineering, modelling, administration, and BI since 1997. Russ is a passionate trainer and community volunteer presenting regularly at tech events and local user groups around the US. In 2019 much of Russ' focus turned to cloud based data lakes specifically on Google BigQuery, and the emerging world of large language models.

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