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Mastering ETL: Data Cleansing with SQL Server Integration Services

by Ana Voicu

The integrity of the data used for analysis is a major step in any data-related project. This course will teach you how to develop SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages, used for data cleansing activities, to ensure data integrity.

What you'll learn

Data cleansing is a major part of every project that uses data to create information.

In this course, Mastering ETL: Data Cleansing Techniques for SQL Server Databases, you’ll gain the ability to create SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages specifically tailored for data cleansing tasks.

First, you’ll explore how to integrate data coming from different sources and identify possible data cleansing tasks, like handling duplicate data, dealing with missing values (delete, ignore, or fill-in data), fixing up formats, and correcting errors.

Next, you’ll discover several ways in which SSIS packages can help you clean your data, using derived columns, fuzzy grouping / fuzzy lookup, and data conversions.

Finally, you’ll learn techniques to maintain and verify data integrity after the cleansing process in SSIS.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of various data cleansing techniques, performed in SSIS, needed to ensure the integrity of your data.

About the author

Ana Voicu is a software developer passionate about databases, Business Intelligence, and data science. She works on developing enterprise level Business Intelligence solutions for various types of industries, with a focus on performance optimization, pattern recognition, efficient analysis of the business processes, and interactive visualizations. What Ana loves most is overcoming challenges related to database performance, mostly related to data warehouse solutions. Ana discovered a while ago t... more

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