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What Every Developer Should Know About SQL Server Performance

by David Berry

This course is designed to teach developers the fundamentals of SQL Server performance, showing you the tools you will need to troubleshoot and resolve SQL Server performance problems.

What you'll learn

As a developer, SQL Server performance can be tricky. In this course, What Every Developer Should Know About SQL Server Performance, you will see how to diagnose what is happening with a slow running SQL statement and what strategies are available to make these statements run faster. First, you will be shown how developers should use database indexes throughout their database, including what columns should be indexed and how to make sure a SQL statement will use an index. Next, you'll go over how some built in diagnostic tools in SQL Server can help you find performance issues in your application, including how to identify the slowest running SQL in your application. Then, you will see how to trace all of the SQL that your application is generating inside of SQL Server and how to understand this data. Finally, you'll take a look at practices you can implement inside of your application to insure the best performance possible. By the end of this course, you as an application developer will have the tools you need to troubleshoot performance problems you may encounter when using SQL Server.

Table of contents

About the author

David Berry is a software engineer with over 15 years of application development experience. He started developing software in Java 1.0 using an Oracle 7 backend. Making the switch to Microsoft .NET when it was released, he has worked with every version of .NET since. He has also worked with every version of Oracle since Oracle 7 and ever version of SQL Server since SQL Server 7. His experience spans a broad range of industries including semiconductors, financial services, insurance an gove... more

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