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Predictive Analytics with SQL Server Time Series Data

by Mohamed Echout

Dive into predictive analytics with SQL Server. This course will teach you to construct models, apply regression, and utilize smoothing techniques for insightful time series analysis.

What you'll learn

Navigating the complexities of time series data for predictive analytics in SQL Server presents a unique challenge. In this course, Predictive Analytics with SQL Server Time Series Data, you'll gain the ability to construct predictive models that transform data into actionable insights. First, you'll explore how to implement linear regression in SQL Server for predictive analysis. Next, you'll discover the power of moving averages and exponential smoothing techniques for forecasting. Finally, you'll learn how to validate your predictive models, ensuring their reliability and accuracy. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of SQL server predictive analytics techniques needed to apply predictive models to real-world business challenges using SQL Server.

About the author

Meet Mo, a highly experienced software developer with over a decade of experience in AI, machine learning, and software development. He is a passionate and energetic instructor who is committed to making technology accessible and engaging for everyone.

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