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SQL Server: Understanding and Using DBCC Commands

by Erin Stellato

This course will teach you which DBCC commands to use to enhance your production environment in SQL Server. You'll see demos of how to use DBCC commands, along with replacement Dynamic Management Objects, as well as scenarios for when to use them.

What you'll learn

There are many DBCC commands available to database administrators and developers. Some are for the greater good; others can wreak havoc in a production environment.

In this course, SQL Server: Understanding and Using DBCC Commands, you'll explore DBCC commands that are useful and relevant, whether you're a DBA or a developer (this course is for SQL Server 2005 and up).

What you will learn in this SQL Server course:

  • First, you'll cover the most basic commands and the informational commands--when to use them and how, in order to minimize impact on the solution.
  • Next, you'll learn about the maintenance commands and how to recognize when a DBCC command has been superceded by a Dynamic Management Object, along with examples of how to use them.
  • Finally, you'll learn about undocumented DBCC commands and go through scenarios on when to use them.
By the time you're done with this SQL Server tutorial, you'll have a greater understanding of DBCC commands and you'll be able to use those commands to optimize your environment.

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Course Overview

About the author

Erin Stellato is a Principal Consultant with SQLskills and a SQL Server MVP. She has worked as a SQL Server professional since 2003, spending 12 years of her career at two different software companies. Erin discovered a passion for all things data while completing her M.S. in Motor Control at the University of Michigan. As she entered the IT field, she discovered the power of relational databases. During her IT career, Erin has worked closely with customers, users and colleagues to support bus... more

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