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SQL Server 2012: Transact-SQL Error Handling

by Joe Sack

Learn how to write Transact-SQL code that deals correctly with anticipated and unanticipated errors during code execution, for developers and DBAs from SQL Server 2005 onward

What you'll learn

Robust Transact-SQL coding practices dictate proactive planning for anticipated and unanticipated errors that might occur during code module execution. SQL Server’s flavor of Transact-SQL provides several commands that can be used to properly handle errors in your code and this course will cover the fundamental commands you’ll need to know, as well as effective error handling techniques that will help you properly handle issues for high throughput, mission-critical data tiers. This course is perfect for developers, DBAs, and anyone responsible for writing Transact-SQL code, from complete beginners through to those with more experience. The information in the course applies to all versions from SQL Server 2005 onward, with some emphasis on new SQL Server 2012 commands.

About the author

Joe Sack is a Principal Program Manager in the SQL Server and Azure SQL Database product team at Microsoft, with a focus on query processing. With over 19 years of experience in the industry, Joe is an author and speaker, specializing in performance tuning and optimization.

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