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SQL Server: Understanding and Performing Backups

by Paul Randal

No matter the task you're performing in SQL Server, backups are essential to protect your data. Learn what SQL Server backups are, how they work, how to perform backups, and how to put together an effective backup strategy for your environment.

What you'll learn

It's really impossible to escape the need for backups even if you have some sort of synchronous replica of your databases, disasters can still happen that require restoring from backups. This means it's critical that you understand what backups are and how to create them. In this course, SQL Server: Understanding and Performing Backups, you'll learn what SQL Server backups are, why they're required, and how they work. First, you'll explore how to formulate a backup strategy based on business requirements and what restores you may need to perform. Next, you'll delve into commonly used backup options. Finally, you'll discover how to use backup compression, backup encryption, and maintain backup integrity. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to confidently perform backups in your environment and create a backup strategy.

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About the author

Paul is the CEO of, a Microsoft Regional Director and a SQL Server MVP. He worked on the SQL Server Storage Engine team at Microsoft from 1999 to 2007. Among other things, he wrote DBCC CHECKDB/repair for SQL Server 2005 and was responsible for the Core Storage Engine during SQL Server 2008 development. Since leaving Microsoft, Paul has been a full-time consultant and trainer on SQL Server around the world, including authoring and teaching the prestigious Microsoft Certified Mast... more

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