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Migrating SSIS Packages to Azure Data Factory

by Ravikiran Srinivasulu

Lift and shift your SSIS Packages to the cloud. In this course, you will learn the benefits of cloud migration and how to run, schedule, secure and monitor your SSIS Packages with Azure Data Factory v2.

What you'll learn

High upfront infrastructure costs. Management Overhead. Software licensing. Sounds familiar? These age-old problems have reduced your organization's competitiveness. In this course, Migrating SSIS Packages to Azure Data Factory, you will gain functional knowledge to lift and shift SSIS Packages from On-premise SQL Server to cloud. First, you will learn about the numerous benefits of cloud migration that solve your problems. Next, you will discover different ways to run your SSIS packages in the cloud, covering a range of scenarios, along the way dealing with the security of data and packages. Then, you will use different methods of scheduling SSIS Packages and Integration runtime in Data Factory. Finally, you will explore how to monitor your Data Factory Pipelines. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and the knowledge to build production-grade Data Factory pipelines that run your SSIS Packages.

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Ravikiran is an independent cloud consultant and author focused on developing solutions in Microsoft Azure. His interests include everything in the cloud space, DevOps and Machine Learning with contributions in domains like Healthcare, Banking and Web Analytics. He is very passionate about the latest and futuristic technologies and constantly updates himself with the current technology trends. He works at the intersection of education and technology. In spare time, he likes going on long road tr... more

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