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State of Blockchain: Executive Briefing

by Stephen Haunts

In this executive briefing, we will look at what a Blockchain is, why you would want to use it, potential use-cases, and the main differences between a Blockchain and a database. By the end, you will understanding what this technology is used for.

What you'll learn

Tech leaders need a fundamental understanding of the tools and technologies their teams use to build solutions. In this course, State of Blockchain: Executive Briefing, you will gain the ability to apply a Blockchain to your organization. First, you will learn why you would want to use a Blockchain. Next, you will explore the potential use-cases for a Blockchain. Finally, you will discover the main differences between a Blockchain and a database. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge about Blockchains to decide if they are suitable for your organization.

About the author

Stephen Haunts is an experienced Software Developer and Leader who has worked across multiple business domains including Computer Games, Finance, and Healthcare Retail and Distribution. Stephen has worked in languages ranging from Assembler, various forms of BASIC, to C and C++, and then finding his love of C# and .NET. Stephen also runs a Software Development and Leadership blog called {Coding in the Trenches} which can be read at . Stephen also runs a small music ... more

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