How to Stay Abreast in the Ever-changing World of Tech

by Doru Catana

Staying up to date with everything can be a real burden. This course looks to solve that problem by offering a practical tested system to help you improve your skill set, get relevant updates you need, and create opportunities through networking.

What you'll learn

A problem that all technologists struggle with is staying up to date with all the changes in the industry. There are just so many things to keep track of: trends, influencers, framework changes, best practices, events, and the list can go on. In this course, How to Stay Abreast in the Ever-changing World of Tech, you'll learn a structured solution to that problem that makes staying up to date easier than ever. First, you'll explore some of the core principles and strategies that are utilized in tech to keep your skill set fresh and up to date. Next, you'll cover the SUN staying up to date system, where you'll go over the core components, such as maintaining your skill set, having a constant stream of relevant updates, and networking. Finally, you'll dive into a few examples and step-by-step instructions in setting up your own system, and how to maintain it indefinitely. By the end of this course, you'll have a working system that will allow you to optimize your professional growth. You'll have everything you need to upgrade your skill set efficiently, be aware of all industry changes, and have networking down to a science.

About the author

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