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Product Strategy Basics

by Joel Lamendola

Leaders and product developers are asked to create value for their customers but often lack the background and tools to create and manage product strategy. This course describes the key elements of product strategy and shows you how to use them.

What you'll learn

Technology leaders and product developers are expected to create products for their organization that align seamlessly to the business goals and product strategy, but many individuals find themselves in over their head with little or no education in creating product strategy. In this course, Product Strategy Basics, you’ll learn the underlying core elements of creating product strategy that you can use with anything from lean business canvas processes to full traditional corporate “strat planning” processes. First, you’ll explore how to identify relevant growth opportunities for your product and business. Next, you’ll discover how to develop a compelling product concept that aligns to both your customer’s needs and your own business’s needs. Finally, you’ll see how the elements of product strategy continuously interact with each other and see how to build a holistic product strategy that addresses these interactions. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll understand the core elements of creating product strategy and be able to start using them right away in your daily work.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Evaluating the Competition, Present and Future
Identifying Your Key Business Relationships, Present and Future

About the author

Joel helps businesses and entrepreneurs bring their new products to fruition through right-sized strategy, planning, and strategic business development practices. He has a diverse professional background that includes roles in engineering, program management, and strategic business development within both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer spaces. Joel brings this broad range of experience and skills together to create holistic business and product strategies and practices for org... more

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