Expanded Library

StringBuilder Internals

by Robert Horvick

StringBuilders are a great way to improve the performance of many applications.. This course will teach you how to use StringBuilders effectively to improve program performance while avoiding some of the issues commonly encountered when using them.

What you'll learn

Correctly using StringBuilders can be more complex than it initially seems. In this course, StringBuilder Internals, you’ll learn to identify the correct times, and ways, to use StringBuilders as well as when not to. First, you’ll explore the most common usage patterns and what is happening behind the scenes. Next, you’ll discover different ways StringBuilders can be manipulated and how those actions can impact performance. Finally, you’ll learn how to identify the appropriate times to use, or not use, a StringBuilder and the best practices to keep in mind. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of StringBuilder internals needed to create more efficient applications.

About the author

Robert spent nearly 10 years at Microsoft creating software that made it easier for everyone else to write software. Most recently Robert worked on Team Foundation Server on the Administration and Version Control teams. Currently Robert can be found working in the utilities sector on Smart Grid technologies. Robert fled the Minnesota winters and currently lives near Raleigh, NC with his wife Susan and four children, Cecilia, Brian, Ben and Evelyn. When not tackling technical challenges ... more

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