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Supercharging Your GitHub Workflow

by Aaron Stewart

Setting the pace with a competitive advance is rooted in your software development workflow. Learn why the popular GitHub flow is used among industry leading companies both large and small and how to supercharge it to meet your project's needs.

What you'll learn

GitHub is a software development platform inspired by the way you work. With over 40 million developers using GitHub, it has become the most popular code hosting service among software developers, project managers, team members, and innovation leaders.

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the GitHub flow, a simplified but powerful workflow that is used by companies both large and small, all around the world. This course then takes this workflow and supercharges it to include things like continuous integration, continuous deployment, branch protections, code review, merge strategies, and customizing a workflow that works for you. You’ll then be introduced to what InnerSource is and how it can transform collaboration and transparency within an organization by improving the way you work with others.

About the author

Aaron is a program architect at GitHub with a focus area in third party content. As a Git and GitHub expert, he joined GitHub as a trainer to consult and train development teams from industry leading companies on Git, GitHub and to improve their collaboration and development workflows. With a training foundation, Aaron develops content and programs for professional services at GitHub for digital transformation and thought leadership. Prior to joining GitHub, Aaron was an integration engineer at ... more

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