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Surveying Blockchain Technologies for Enterprise

by Scott Driscoll

Blockchain began as the technology behind bitcoin and is now being deployed at many major industries. This course will provide a high-level explanation of blockchain and its potential by surveying a wide range of enterprise applications and software.

What you'll learn

Blockchain is being heralded as a technology that can transform industries from banking, supply chain, energy, and to healthcare. In this course, Surveying Blockchain Technologies for Enterprise, you'll survey numerous applications to understand how blockchain can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and even open new business opportunities. First, you'll get a high-level understanding of how blockchain works, and the differences between the blockchain in Bitcoin and the blockchain needed for enterprise: better performance and privacy. Next, you'll survey a wide range of enterprise applications to get a tangible sense for blockchain's potential and challenges. Finally, you'll delve into a tour of numerous enterprise blockchain software packages and their pros and cons. By the end of this course, you'll understand how blockchain provides a new way for businesses to share data and automate processes across company boundaries, but it will require substantial coordination, IT investment, and even rethinking of business models.

About the author

Scott Driscoll is a software engineer fascinated by Bitcoin and blockchain, and is passionate about explaining and sharing the technology. His explanatory YouTube videos have been seen millions of times, he organized the Atlanta Bitcoin Meetup, and also spoke at the Bitcoin Consumer Fair.

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