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Surviving a SaaS Crisis

by Sonia Cuff

When a Software-as-a-Service application is down, your IT Operations team is still the bridge between your end users and the application vendor. This course will teach you how to prepare for a SaaS crisis and how to manage a SaaS outage.

What you'll learn

When a Software-as-a-Service application is down, your IT Operations team is going to get the grumpy phone calls. In this course, Surviving a SaaS Crisis, you will gain the ability to prepare for and manage that kind of event, when you have no control over the application or its infrastructure. First, you will learn proactive steps you can take to minimize the impact, before it happens. Next, you will discover how to include SaaS in your crisis planning. Finally, you will explore important steps and communication skills for managing a crisis. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of SaaS applications needed to protect your business as much as possible from a SaaS outage.

About the author

Sonia Cuff is a systems administrator & architect at heart with over 20 years experience, starting out in Banking, Government, and Defense with Microsoft and IBM software platforms. She’s now playing in the Small & Medium Business market, running a Managed Services Provider in Brisbane, Australia (though her accent is from New Zealand). Sonia is a ‘Cloud realist’ who’s passionate about technology solutions being the right fit and delivering business benefits. She loves helping IT professionals ... more

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