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SVG Animation with JavaScript

by Eva Ferreira

You feel comfortable with SVG and CSS animations, but there’s something missing, isn't there? Because CSS animations can take us only so far. If you wish to take your animation skills to another level, SVG Animation with JavaScript is the course for you

What you'll learn

Have you ever struggled creating SVG animations with CSS? If so, this is the perfect course for you. In this course, SVG Animation with JavaScript, you will learn how to animate in an easy and maintainable way. First, we will get to know the different native and external libraries available in the browser. Next, we will learn how to prototype animations and finally, we will learn how to animate our SVGs using the GreenSock Animation Platform.

When you’re finished with this JavaScript course, you will not only be able to create impressive animations with GreenSock but also you will feel comfortable enough to be creative without any technological concern.

Software required: Adobe Illustrator and a Code Editor like Visual Studio Code.

About the author

Eva Ferreira is a Front-End developer with a passion for teaching. She currently works at the National Technological University of Argentina as a professor. She also speaks at Front-End events such as CSSConf US, CSSConf Australia and SassConf and organizes CSSConf Argentina.

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