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Sweet.js: Get Started

by Aaron Powell

This course provides an introduction to Sweet.js, a macro engine on top of JavaScript which allows you to extend the language as you desire.

What you'll learn

Compile-to-JavaScript languages are popular, but sometimes these new languages are introducing features that you don't need, or don't address the problems which you want to solve. Sweet.js comes at it from another angle: rather than having a new language, it gives you the building blocks to make the extensions you need to solve your problems. Learn how to use macros to create specialized syntax and polyfill language-level features without an entirely new language.

Table of contents

About the author

Aaron is a Senior Developer and Technical Web Specialist with Readify and Microsoft MVP for Internet Explorer Development. Professionally Aaron does a lot of work on the ASP.Net stack, through MVC to WebForms, as well as non-Microsoft technologies such as Node.js. Aaron is passionate about teaching developers how to make the most out of their chosen technologies and doing web development in the best way possible. A guilty pleasure of his is JavaScript; if you can do it in JavaScript he’s probabl... more

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