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SwiftFest Boston '19: Testing. Testing. One. Two.

by SwiftFest Boston

SwiftFest Boston 2019 | Testing. Testing. One. Two. | Cavelle Benjamin

What you'll learn

Testing is critical, but it can be difficult. In this talk, Cavelle Benjamin will explore the use of Swift’s protocol oriented programming for user interface testing to create light-weight interfaces that are composed of user behavior and application state. This talk is for testers, product managers, designers, developers, and customers. As a use case, Cavelle will walk through logging into and using a movie rating app. By the end of this session, you should have a better understanding of behavior driven development, UI testing, and protocol oriented programming in Swift.

Table of contents

Testing. Testing. One. Two.

About the author

SwiftFest is a conference focused on Swift. Why a fest? Swift is one of the most exciting programming languages released in the past decade. It has a variety of applications starting with iOS and embedded devices and ending with server-side and scripting. For this reason, we want to celebrate! Organized and operated completely by volunteers, SwiftFest offers workshops, talks, and networking with some of the most innovative developers in the Swift community space.

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