Building iOS User Interfaces with SwiftUI

by Andrew Bancroft

This course will teach you to make iOS apps with engaging user interfaces using Xcode, Swift, and SwiftUI.

What you'll learn

Designing efficient and dynamic apps is essential for taking your iOS developer skills to the next level. In this course, Building iOS User Interfaces with SwiftUI, you'll build upon the basic knowledge of iOS development you’ve already gained in order to build compelling iOS apps that engage your users.

First, you’ll learn how to use SwiftUI to create flexible user interfaces that work on multiple devices. Next, you’ll learn how to handle user input and keep the user interface in sync with users' interactions. Then, you’ll explore ways to bring your app to life by implementing custom drawings, adding animations and responding to gestures. Finally, you'll learn how SwiftUI integrates with other Apple frameworks like UIKit. When you’re finished with this course, you'll know the most important ideas and techniques you need to build apps with SwiftUI that are sure to captivate your users.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Andrew Bancroft is a born learner, passionate about discovery and about sharing what he’s learned with others. He is a software developer for the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, an agricultural research institution located in the heart of southern Oklahoma. His day job keeps him busy programming ASP.NET and iOS applications supporting the various business and scientific endeavors of the Foundation. Andrew has embraced Swift for iOS development since day zero, and loves empowering developers to ... more

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