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Switching Configuration for CCNA Data Center (200-150/200-155)

by Greg Dickinson

This course will teach you the basics of Cisco network switching - from basic protocols like the Spanning Tree Protocol and CDP, up to VLAN and Port-Channeling configuration.

What you'll learn

As with many things, a solid foundation is required for one to build on. In this course, Switching Configuration for CCNA Data Center (200-150/200-155), you will learn the principles necessary to build a solid switching infrastructure, so you can build a highly functional network on top of it. First, you will learn the fundamentals of how switches work. You will then learn how to manage the Spanning Tree Protocol to ensure a consistent and predictable data flow across the layer 2 network. To wrap up the course, you will learn how to configure port channeling and VLANs. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills to build and troubleshoot a Cisco switched network, as well as the necessary information to complete the network switching components of the CCNA Data Center certification exams.

About the author

Greg has been a longtime "technology enthusiast" (aka "computer nerd") that managed to take his hobby and make a very good living out of it. He's dealt with networking software as far back as NetWare 3.11 and GroupWise and carried that curiosity forward to become skilled in Windows, Exchange, Cisco, and VMware technologies.

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