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Prototyping Game Systems for Swords and Shovels

by MJ Johns

Prototyping is a vital skill for all game developers. This course will teach you the basics of prototyping game systems, including designing, scripting, and testing the new systems, as well as integrating them into an existing game loop.

What you'll learn

Prototyping is a valuable part of the development process that all games benefit from. In this course, Prototyping Game Systems for Swords and Shovels, you will learn skills and techniques for prototyping systems to integrate with an existing game loop. First, you will learn to dissect a design document and assess the design needs of the project. Next, you will explore the new systems in the existing project. Finally, you will discover how to playtest the prototype and make changes based on player feedback. When you are finished with this course, you will have a fundamental understanding of prototyping that will help you integrate new gameplay into a larger project. Software required: Unity 3D.

About the author

MJ is a designer and project director with 10 years of experience in video game development and 5 years of experience teaching game design, virtual and augmented reality, and user experience design. MJ holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Ohio State University and a master’s degree in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University. After college, MJ went to work for a small VR startup making early VR demos using the Oculus DK1 and DK2. MJ is also credited as a designe... more

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