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Building Effective Data Communications with Tableau Desktop

by Tim Lafferty

Effective data communication is more important now than ever! Understanding the presentation side of data is a growing skill gap across all industries. By becoming an efficient data translator, you position yourself as a critical part of any team.

What you'll learn

As the collection of data increases exponentially every year, there is a shortage of talent for interpreting and presenting data in a meaningful way. In this course, Building Effective Data Communications with Tableau Desktop, you will learn foundational knowledge and gain the ability to turn raw data into insightful visualizations. First, you will learn about the appropriate chart types to use based on the questions to be answered. Next, you will discover effective ways to layout and format dashboards based on your intentions. Finally, you will explore how to add additional context, such as tooltips, annotations, and labels to support your dashboards. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of data visualization using Tableau needed to present data effectively.

About the author

Graduating from Georgia Tech's Industrial Engineering program with a concentration in statistics, Tim has spent his career helping companies better leverage their data and capitalize on their underlying insights. Whether it's architecture, machine learning or visualization, Tim enjoys every aspect of the data life-cycle. In addition to being a Pluralsight author, Tim also enjoys corporate training engagements, speaking at conferences and leading hands-on workshops around the country

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