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Collecting and Preparing Data for Tableau Desktop

by Pooja Crahen

Get to know how you can collect, prepare and transform your data in Tableau. Learn how you can effectively use Tableau's fast analytic processing capabilities to perform tasks like joins, blend and unions.

What you'll learn

At the core of Tableau is its fast analytics capabilities that allows you to connect to and analyze almost any database. In this course, Collecting and Preparing Data for Tableau Desktop, you will learn foundational knowledge of collecting, preparing and transforming your data. First you will learn, connecting to different types of files and servers. Next you will discover how you can union and join your data to create cohesive datasets. Finally, you will learn the differences between using live connections and data extracts. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to collect, prepare and transform your data in order to successfully perform analysis.

About the author

Pooja joined Pluralsight in 2018 as a Lead Analytics Engineer. She is a recognized 2x Tableau Zen Master and an accomplished analytics and visualizations practitioner. As an expert in her field, Pooja has spoken about her passion for data at various different conferences globally. Together with Adam Crahen of Pluralsight, she co-founded where they feature a large gallery of data visualizations on a variety of different topics. The work by The Data Duo has made an appearance on UNI... more

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