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Talent Transformation 101 | Change Management: Part 1

by Pluralsight Skills

Part one in a series tackling topics from our tech skill development workbook: Learn what happens without an adequate change management strategy for digital transformation.

What you'll learn

Our workbook, Technology skill development: Preparing your teams for digital transformation, answers questions we frequently receive about how to best prepare teams for large-scale, transformative technology projects. It includes expert-curated tips and vital questions to ask yourself—and your organization—to speed your digital transformation efforts and improve your odds of success.

This video is the first in a series that takes a deeper dive into the workbook topics that present the biggest transformation stumbling blocks. Heather MacDonald, Principal Consultant – Workforce Transformation at Pluralsight, shares what happens if you don’t have an adequate change management strategy when implementing digital transformation.

Please copy and paste the workbook link into your browser and find where today's topic fits in:

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Change Management: Part 1

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