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TDD with JUnit 5

by Catalin Tudose

Test-driven Development is an evolutionary approach to development. This course will demonstrate the benefits of Test-driven Development and how to implement JUnit 5 into your applications.

What you'll learn

At the core of every project, there is always extensive testing. In this course, TDD with JUnit 5, you’ll learn the benefits of TDD (Test-driven Development) and help you create TDD applications using the JUnit 5 testing framework. First, you'll learn how to develop TDD applications and how to use mock objects with JUnit 5. Next, you'll discover how to move a non-TDD application into the platform. Finally, you'll dive into how to integrate JUnit5 into your workflow. By the end of this course, you'll have the know how to develop safe and flexible Java applications using TDD with JUnit 5.

About the author

Born in Pitesti, Romania, I have studied Computer Science in Bucharest, graduating in 1997 and obtaining a PhD in 2006, with the thesis "Spatial Databases for the Reconstruction of the Relief". I have taught at University "Politehnica" Bucuresti courses and seminaries on Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Logic Design and Databases Design. I have been involved in the software development industry, working since the end of the '90s and being focused on Java and Java technologies since the... more

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