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Deploying Applications with TeamCity

by Michael Bailey

This course will teach you how to use TeamCity to deploy applications with an automated continuous delivery pipeline.

What you'll learn

Manually deploying software is time-consuming and error-prone. In this course, Deploying Applications with TeamCity, you’ll learn to automate the deployment of software using JetBrains TeamCity. First, you’ll explore how to use snapshot and artifact dependencies to chain build configurations into build pipelines. Next, you’ll discover how to automate deploying a website to a public web server. Finally, you’ll learn how to trigger each part of the build pipeline to achieve a fully automated process. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of TeamCity needed to deploy your software to both staging and production environments.

About the author

Michael Bailey is a Senior Product Manager based in Oxford, UK. His background is in software development and cloud architecture. He spends his spare time enjoying nature or clinging to cliff faces on rock climbing routes questioning whether he makes good life decisions.

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