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Telerik Reporting Fundamentals

by Kevin Kuebler

Learn how to use Telerik Reporting to add reports to your application.

What you'll learn

In this course you will learn the basics of how to use Telerik Reporting to add reports to your own applications. We'll start with a walkthrough of installing the tool and creating a simple report using the built-in report wizard. From there, we'll move into learning all of the tools and techniques needed to create real world reports with Telerik Reporting. Included are topics like how to work with data sources, report sections, expressions, grouping, styling, parameters, subreports, charts, custom formatting and bindings. Then we finish with a look at how to actually deploy reports in a variety of application types, from the desktop to the web.

About the author

Kevin Kuebler is a Senior Software Engineer for ViewRay, an innovative medical device company which produces a unique radiotherapy system for the treatment of cancer. He has been developing software for over 15 years, working primarily with Microsoft's .Net platform and related tools. He enjoys building applications for various form factors from the desktop to the web to mobile phones, and has successfully led a wide range of projects from small smart client apps to large enterprise web applicat... more

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