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End-to-end Web Testing with TestCafe: Getting Started

by Marques Woodson

TestCafe is an end-to-end testing framework that is fully supported by TypeScript. In this course, you'll learn how to create stable, readable, test suites using the latest ES2017 features.

What you'll learn

Are you tired of using Selenium to test your web application? TestCafe is the solution. In this course, End-to-end Web Testing with TestCafe: Getting Started, you'll learn how to use the end-to-end testing framework TestCafe to automate your UI tests. First, you'll learn what TestCafe is and what makes it different from similar frameworks. Then, you'll explore how to install and configure the TestCafe package, how to leverage community developed framework-specific selectors, and how to write stable and efficient UI tests. Finally, you'll discover TestCafe Studio, the IDE developed by the makers of TestCafe for creating tests using an easy-to-use GUI that lets you create test suites without writing any Javascript. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of the TestCafe library needed to develop a full end-to-end testing suite for your application.

About the author

Marques has been involved with software development for years, specializing in Javascript application architecture, hybrid mobile application development, and Node.js applications. As a family man living in Chicago, he's had the chance to work with large enterprises doing legacy code optimization and refactoring, and startups building from the ground up. I'm passionate about experimenting with Javascript frameworks and libraries and figuring out what would work best for my current team/project. ... more

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