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Immutable All the Way Down

by THAT Conference

THAT Conference 2019 | Immutable All the Way Down | Michael Perry

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React is a front-end web framework based on immutable state. If you are used to thinking in React, then immutability and functional programming are a way of life. The spread operator is your favorite tool. Reducers are second-nature. It's immutable all the way until you get to the API. Then, you find yourself in the land of updates. You read objects from the database, transform them, and write them back. The database is designed for mutability. The data transfer objects are almost like your beautiful Redux store, but just different enough to force you to stop and think. The mental shift is jarring. So, what do you do? Let someone else take care of the back end? No! You are a full-stack developer, by gosh! You want to take your love of immutable state all the way down to the database. In this session, Michael Perry places an emphasis on Jinaga, an application framework based on immutability. It works beautifully with React to help you create gloriously collaborative web applications, use the same set of patterns on both sides of the client/server divide, and build the full application without ever leaving the realm of immutable, reactive, functional programming.

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Immutable All the Way down

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