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Get to Green: How to Safely Refactor Legacy Code

by THAT Conference

THAT Conference 2019 | Get to Green: How to Safely Refactor Legacy Code | Gene Gotimer

What you'll learn

For many people, legacy code is a fact of life. You need tests to safely make changes, but you can't add tests without changing the code. It is a chicken-and-egg problem. How do you turn legacy code into code you can change confidently? Slowly, one step at a time. Join Gene Gotimer as he shares his experiences working with a monolithic codebase that was so bad it made national news. He'll go over the steps he and his team used to refactor the code safely by using mocking frameworks, mutation testing, and patience to build an understanding of how the code worked so that they could change it confidently. This talk is for anyone that has inherited legacy code that they aren't confident in and wants to make it something they can work on and improve. You'll leave with some tools and techniques that will help you change your legacy code into something maintainable.

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Get to Green: How to Safely Refactor Legacy Code

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