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Introduction to Graph Databases

by THAT Conference

THAT Conference 2019 | Introduction to Graph Databases | Josh Ptacek

What you'll learn

John Ptacek looks at the lay of the land for graph databases as they continue to explode in popularity. Graph databases are a NoSQL database that focuses on the relationships in data. Systems are composed of vertices, which is the entity you are concerned with, such as a person, place, or an edge, which defines the relationship between these vertices. Systematizing data this way can have many benefits, one of the biggest being how we define data as humans. These databases are great for modelling social interactions and domains where connections can be more important than rigidity of data and they can solve issues where the complexity of the interactions between objects are not easily solved in a traditional SQL world. In this presentation, you will encounter various players in the graph database world, such as Neo4j and Gremlin databases. You will also write a simple program, take a look at the Cypher query language, and examine the power of this platform compared to traditional approaches.

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Introduction to Graph Databases

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