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GraphQL, More Like GraphQWOW

by THAT Conference

THAT Conference 2019 | GraphQL, More Like GraphQWOW | Jonathan Kupcho

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GraphQL is the hottest kid on the block in the web development community. Released as an API specification white paper by Facebook in 2015, back end and front end engineers sunk their teeth into the concepts over the past 4 years. New and exciting open-source, such as the Apollo project, and GatsbyJS utilized GraphQL to both ease development of GraphQL APIs, and generating entire static websites using GraphQL at compile-time, respectively. Join Jonathan Kupcho to learn more.

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GraphQL, More Like GraphQWOW

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THAT Conference is the “Summer Camp for Geeks” that combines technology, networking, social events, and exposure in an inspirational, family-friendly environment. Over four days, folks of diverse backgrounds and expertise levels gather to take advantage of multiple learning mediums to maximize one’s community and career advancements. Engage with true practitioners, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs while enjoying the perks of summer camp at a giant waterpark.

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