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Coding Dojo: Test Driven Development

by Emily Bache

Do you work on a team where not everyone is enthusiastic about good design and writing automated tests? A Coding Dojo is a good way to promote good practices and improve your skills, learning in a group.

What you'll learn

Do you work on a team where not everyone is enthusiastic about good design and writing automated tests? How can you promote good practices amongst your colleagues? If you've been working as a programmer for a few years, and perhaps have become the team lead, I expect you've thought about these questions. This course is about how you could hold regular "Coding Dojo" meetings where you and your team can focus on improving your practical coding skills together. You'll be practicing in a safe, collaborative environment, using simple "Code Kata" examples. It becomes a space away from your normal work, where you can discuss coding practices like Test Driven Development and Refactoring, then later bring your new skills to bear in your production code. This course should give you; the coding dojo organizer, the supporting materials you need to start a Coding Dojo, and get everyone who attends to practice better software development techniques. It should also allow you to improve your communication and facilitation skills, and help your team to gel. Kent Beck once said "I'm not a great programmer, I'm just a good programmer with great habits". What are you doing to improve your coding habits? This is the course with the advice and encouragement you need: get together with your team and hold a coding dojo! It's fun!

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About the author

Emily Bache is an independent consultant and technical coach specializing in automated testing and agile methods. Emily works daily with development teams helping them to improve their automated tests and raise code quality. Emily is the author of "Technical Coaching with the Samman method" and "The Coding Dojo Handbook: a practical guide to creating a space where good programmers can become great programmers". Emily spent many years working at AstraZeneca, a multinational pharmaceuticals co... more

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