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August 17, 2014
1h 27m

In this series of tutorials, we'll learn the process for creating the most effective logos. It doesn't start with a great idea, something you saw, or a suggestion. It all starts with asking the right questions and doing your research. We take the time to learn why the research is important, and what you can discover along the way. We also learn about different types of logos, as well as the situations when they are the most effective. One type of logo may be great for some companies and not so great for others. We'll also learn about the meanings of colors and how they play an integral part in the perception of the logo. While discussing color, we touch on the differences between eastern and western cultures and how these can effect the color choices of brands that are meant to be globally marketed. We also do our own case study of putting these principles to work and creating a logo from the research, to the concept sketches, to the vector adaptation, and to the final colorized piece. This training is for you if you find yourself feeling stuck when you sit down to design a logo. If you think the best place to start your research is by looking at other logos online then you need to watch this tutorial as soon as possible! By the end of the training, you'll have the knowledge and a roadmap for the process of creating effective and long-lasting logos. Software required: Illustrator CC 2014.0.0, Photoshop CC 2014.0.0.

About the author
About the author

Laura is a passionate visual effects and motion graphics author at Pluralsight. Ever since her first exposure to After Effects in college, Laura has had an eternal drive to learn more about motion graphics, and teach others what she has discovered. Laura began working at Digital-Tutors (now a Pluralsight company) as a motion graphics artist, creating visually-appealing advertisements and informative art for the site.

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