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Mar 8, 2016
2h 54m

The mission of this course is to cover, in detail, all aspects of time management. It starts from the core principles, moves on to techniques, then covers communication, be it with self through goal setting or with others through effective meetings. After the essentials of the course are dealt with, we then move on to the micro, management of self, covering willpower, habit creation, and your comfort zone. There are also adjacent topics that impact productivity that are mentioned like exercise, nutrition, stress, and sleep. In addition to all of this, the course also contains a list of software that you can use to boost your productivity and implement efficiently your new skills.

About the author
About the author

Doru founded and runs a marketing agency with global clients in a wide range of industries. His focus is on campaigns that convert and get new business through the door, not feel good campaigns. In terms of approach he believes in authentic and blunt advertising without the presence of small print.

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