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TPL Async

by Ian Griffiths

Learn how the Task Parallel Library (TPL) helps you write high-performance, responsive, and scalable code by using asynchronous programming techniques.

What you'll learn

Asynchronous programming is a fundamental programming technique, of vital importance both on server-side and client-side code. On the server, it can be the key to maximizing performance and enhancing scalability. On the client, it is a critically important technique for ensuring responsiveness. With the addition of intrinsic language support asynchronous programming, this is becoming an ever more important technique. This course describes how to use the asynchronous programming support in the Task Parallel Library (TPL), which was introduced in .NET 4.0. It also shows how the new language features in C# and Visual Basic fit in with the TPL.

Table of contents

About the author

Ian is an independent consultant, developer, speaker, and author. He has written books on Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms, and Visual Studio. He lives in London but can often be found on various developer mailing lists and newsgroups, where a popular sport is to see who can get him to write the longest email in reply to the shortest possible question.

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